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Szwabowski outlines platform at virtual event

“Drug possession is a symptom of an illness, and that illness is addiction,” he said. “It’s a health problem and we need to address it as a health problem. It doesn’t work to put people in jail and not to give them treatment, which is what the status quo is in Charlottesville in so many of these cases.”


‘A waste of lives’: Charlottesville commonwealth’s attorney candidate hopes to fight mass incarceration

 “Too often, we treat the surface level of what’s happening without getting into and addressing the underlying issue—which in many cases are addiction, a lack of mental health care, and homelessness. We’re currently treating addiction with jail. That’s not a good way to do it.”

Charlottesville public defender kicks off Commonwealth’s Attorney campaign

 “It’s that first-hand experience representing defendants that cannot afford legal representation that leads him to this race, because he says he’s seen first hand that change is needed and long overdue. That change starts with ending prosecutions for simple drug possession and the criminalization of homelessness.”


Public defender announces commonwealth’s attorney bid

“For too long this city has been waiting for criminal justice reform and that change has been slow to come,” he said. “We’re done waiting. Charlottesville deserves a commonwealth’s attorney who is willing to re-examine the entire criminal court system from top to bottom and affect real change where it is needed.”