It's Time for change in charlottesville.

Ray Szwabowski is a husband, father, and former public defender in Charlottesville, Virginia. He’s running in the Democratic primary to work for Charlottesville as our community’s top public safety official.

As a public defender, Ray worked for indigent defendants to help them get a fair day in court. But the deck was often stacked against Ray’s clients, leaving justice out of reach. That’s why he sees the role of Charlottesville’s prosecutor as something bigger — an advocate for more just policy in Richmond and real engagement in Charlottesville’s most overpoliced communities. 

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    Why does this race matter?

    Commonwealth’s Attorney elections might not be the flashiest events, but they’re some of the most critical items on your ballot. Here’s why you should plug in to our race:

    Charlottesville can set the pace for statewide justice reform

    Whether it’s lobbying in Richmond or setting policies for how the office operates, prosecutors play a huge role in shaping Virginia’s criminal legal policy. Ray will bring Charlottesville’s voice to Richmond for critical courtroom reforms — and enact meaningful policy locally for other cities to follow.

    We can set a new status quo for public safety

    Addiction, mental health, and homelessness are not issues to be solved in the courts, and Ray knows the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office can play a large part in getting members of our community the help they need. Ray will apply for grants and build new programs to get at the root causes of why people end up in court, rather than using jails as a catch-all.

    Our community can’t wait for critical policy change

    We deserve a prosecutor’s office willing to stand up for our community in a way that aligns with our values. Ray knows we need urgent solutions. “The current criminal justice is broken and needs big fixes now.”

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